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 Jade Meyers (August 29, 1991 -) native of New Orleans, Louisiana; Visual Artist.


 Jade began her journey in creativity at age seven. It was suggested that she be evaluated for the Talented in Visual Arts (TAV) program at John Dibert Elementary School.  After being accepted, her parents immediately acknowledged that art would be apart of her life forever, so they kept the door open for all opportunities of advancement. 


Since then, she has mastered the ability of pulling audiences in to her creative parade, through her own unique interpretations of the world! Through execution of her “if you can vision it, you can create it” approach, Jade sold her first painting as a high school senior in 2009 at the Baton Rouge City Park gallery, and became the only college freshman at Southern University to have her art showcased in the 2010 Southern University Student Exhibition. At the 2013 Southern University Student Exhibition she placed 1st over all, beating out some of her most outstanding colleagues. 


 Jade went on to receive the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in fall 2013, and create an art based company “J A D E 1 9 9 1, L L C” shortly after.  One of her most recent achievements was at the 2016 Essence Street Style Block Party. Jade was selected to design a mural for Chevrolet. 


Amongst participating in art events, creative directing, and the pursuit of curating her first Art Exhibition "Next Generation Of FIYAH!" she is currently an English Instructor for the SU Connect program at Southern University and A&M.  


 Jade is continuing the journey of globalizing her brand with pursuit to innovate through her artwork.