The Full Artist

The hand that gives is GOLDEN

I believe artists get a bad 'rep' in society. I don't know which stereotype is worst between  "starving artists" and the "that's not a real job" cliches. Both are ridiculous- to say the least. I'll be honest, some artists are lazy and have no sense of hustle. While others are battling self ridicule and disbelief in their talent. However, being an artist is one of the most valuable professions.

Art should be respected throughout fields because it's essential to every line of work.

For instance, if your company needs a logo, you hire a Graphic Designer to create it. (Graphic Designer = Artist.) If a fortune 500 corporation needs a new building they contract an architect to design it. (Architect = Artist.) The creative and artistic demands have always been high. A lot of people don't realize it, but artists are called upon to teach, design, build, and direct for countless industries. Yes, the chair your sitting in was designed and built by an artist.  

Don't feel sorry. This is not a cry for support. It's a demand for respect and appreciation. We deserve more than overused cliches and a bucket of paint. 

This post is dedicated to the artists (of every form) who paved a way for me and so many others. 

Art is undervalued, unappreciated, and overly demanded. 

The world is a work of art and God is the ultimate creator. 

 But what do I know, Hey...i'm just an Artist! :) 




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