O N E of I N F I N I T Y | mini series

O N E OF I N F I N I T Y  set available in SHOP J91


O N E  of  I N F I N I T Y is the first release -of an indefinite amount- from the mini series. The works are inspired by frequent ideas that come to mind, and the yearning to create. Each piece is original and was inspired by the other. The set consist of three abstract-miniature-acrylic paintings: THE Uprising, J91 PRINT, and RIGHT Here. Each painting is unique because it can be displayed vertically and horizontally. Allowing the viewer to experience a different aesthetic from every angle. The mini series can be purchased in SHOP J91


The O N E of I N F I N I T Y : mini series has taken a positive toll on me. As soon as the idea popped into my mind I had to get home and begin my creative process. I worked consistently on the mini set without interruption, (except to change my music and occasionally get out of my seat to dance with excitement!) gained the inspiration I had been seeking, and executed the release.


Gratitude! I can't speak on it enough. I'm so grateful to have this gift of creation. The feeling is inexplainable, sometimes unbelievable, but true. At times when I am not inspired, I view works created in the past and Thank God for instilling this power in me. I encourage anyone reading this post to do the same. In all moments. The attitude of gratitude holds a spirit that can take you, your gifts, and others to entire new level. 

Stay tuned and inspired, remember no one can steal your light. Innovate in your own way. 

With love,