C R E A T I N G | C A R E - F R E E L Y

        As I sit in Magpie Cafe, one of Baton Rouge’s cool creative spaces I reflect on my artistry and what it all means to me. Here I am, a 25 year old-optimistic-visual artists with the world in my palm. Focusing solely on making my art, make a difference in this world. How hard could it be to make the right moves, connect with the “right” people, and finally “make it”? Is fame my true desire? Honestly, No.

I want to simply be J A D E. I want to do what I want with my art, when I want, and how I want to. Creating “care-freely”. Sure, I wouldn’t mind being featured in galleries, on TV and, in shows across the world, in fact I would be elated to do so. But as Rick Springfield said “fame is not healing”. It will never be. 

I love being an artist. I yearn for the feeling my spirit gets when a new idea comes to mind. I’m grateful for the inspiration I receive from viewing other artist works. Most of all I am overjoyed about the creative gifts God has blessed me with.

 I believe that whatever is meant for me will be as I continue to venture through the art world.

 One things sure …If I cant do me, It ain’t for me!

 -Stay True!




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