Mix-tape Artwork 08.29.13

There is an essence in the reality of New Orleans. For those of you who do not understand the "reality" I speak of; the images on the cover will speak for themselves. I am an artist, I am a realist, I am honest in my work, and I do not plan on being disingenuous.

 The essence of New Orleans can never be replaced. It can not be manufactured and sold. It can not be removed -no matter how many flood waters come to pass. New Orleans is an incomparable city. It is my city. August 29, 2005 (The date of Hurricane Katrina) not only changed my life, but it changed countless lives. August 29 is the day I was born. This is also the day my eldest brother, stage name "Dinero" decided to release his EP "Goon Season". He made a special request that I design the art work for it. Who am I to decline? Besides he's the oldest (haha) and he wouldn't let me "live it down" if I hadn't. 


Jade MeyersComment