Frank Hayden Hall

From the moment I walked into Frank Hayden Hall I knew becoming an "Art Major"  was meant for me. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the Visual Arts department at Southern University. My freshman year the Seniors like Heather Holiday  and Ethan Tran embraced me at 17 years old, and inspired me to always bring my best. 

I have worked under the best professors; Mrs. Euba, Mr. Cox, Mr. Henry, Mr.Wade, and Mrs. Spencer. To come across people who truly care about your education and you as an individual is a blessing. I can never repay them for the lessons they have taught me. Whether art or life related there was never a moment where I couldn't go to them for advice. The department secretary Ms. Honeysuckle made sure our information and files were protected and in order at all times. There was never a time my information was mishandled or lost. 

 We are profound! 

I am proud that I graduated from the department of Visual Arts. I promise to give back and support it until the day I die! I love you Southern VISUAL ARTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Jade MeyersComment